Frequent question: Does the Total Gym come fully assembled?

What does the Total Gym come with?

Includes Base Unit, Web Handles, Padded Squat Stand, Wingbar with Pins, 4 DVD’s (Start it UP, 6 to 8 Minute Workout, Intermediate Workout, Advanced Workout) and Manual. No additional accessories or DVD’s. (not affiliated with Total Gym Fitness, LLC.) In stock.

How much space does the Total Gym take up?

You need a space around 3 feet wide and at least 8 feet long.

How much does a Total Gym 1500 cost?

The Total Gym 1500 is the second to lowest Total Gym in price. The only Total Gym cheaper is the 1000 (it sells for about $160 bucks).

Total Gym 1500 Review.

Manufacturer Total Gym
Price Est. $249
Compare To Total Gym Line
Recommended Yes
Reason Popular with rehab and fitness professionals. Great workout.

When did Total Gym Fit come out?

The Total Gym FIT was introduced in 2017. Like other Total Gyms, this model is a gravity gym. It uses your bodyweight to deliver custom resistance built for you. Regardless of the intensity of the workout, the Total Gym FIT respects your joints through low-impact motion.

How much room do you need for a Total Gym XLS?

You need a significant amount of space. Eight feet in length and at least four feet in width. The XLS is only 24″ wide but if you want to do some of the exercises that requires you to spread your arms or legs, you need an additional foot on either side. They take up more space than you realize.

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How much weight are you lifting on a Total Gym?

Although the Total Gym can do a lot for you, it limits you to lifting about 70 percent of your body weight at most — and in many cases, 50 percent or less. If you develop your muscles to the point where this is no longer a challenge, it’ll be time to look for another piece of exercise equipment.

Where does the safety hitch C pin go on Total Gym?

Be sure Safety hitch “C” Pin is inserted into side hole directly below Height Adjustment Assembly on the vertical column each time unit is in use. THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS STATED IN THE OWNER’S MANUAL AND VIDEO MAY RESULT IN POSSIBLE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.