How can I bulk up my back and shoulders?

How can I bulk up my back?

The 8 best bulking back exercises are:

  1. Pull Ups.
  2. Lat Pulldowns.
  3. Underhand Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns.
  4. Straight Arm Pulldowns.
  5. Bent Over Rows.
  6. Bench Supported Incline Rows.
  7. 1-Arm Rows.
  8. Machine or Cable Rows.

Do push ups broaden shoulders?

Push-ups primarily work your pectoral muscles, strengthening your chest. … Push ups increase the size and strength of your deltoid muscles, making your shoulders appear wider. However, exercises specifically targeting the lateral head of the deltoid muscle more effectively broaden your shoulders.

What’s the hardest muscle to grow?

Each person may have a single muscle group that both infuriates and perplexes them, one that differs from somebody else, but generally the hardest muscles to build are those found in the calves. This is due to the anatomical configuration of the calf muscles.

How can I make my body wider?

Moving big weights is what will help you get bigger overall, forcing your entire body to grow. That means focusing on tentpole lifts: Bench presses, pullups and chinups, barbell rows, deadlifts, and squats. Aim to do at least one of those moves in every workout.

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