How do you get gym rat Reddit?

How do you get gym rat in 2k20?

The Gym Rat badge is awarded to any player who reaches Superstar 3 Rep, but there’s an easier way to get it than playing thousands of park games. The easier way to get it is to play a full season of MyCareer (at least 55 regular season games) and win a championship.

How do you get a gym rat fast?

The workout is pretty simple, as you have to move the left analog stick and right analog stick in specific directions fast enough. Getting to 16 points should earn you 3 stars, which you can keep doing again and again to work towards that 50 total you need.

How many games do you need for gym rat 2k22?

To earn the Gym Rat badge on next-gen, you must earn three stars on 50 workouts. You can do this by completing the normal gym workouts. However, you can do only five each in-game week, so it takes a minimum of 10 in-game weeks to complete.

Can you sim and still get gym rat?

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With that established, the process for earning the Gym Rat badge through MyCareer is to play 40 regular-season games and then win the playoffs and Finals. … Players can sim the playoff games after they are up by 25 points. Win the NBA Finals.

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Where is the gym rat badge?

How to Unlock the Gym Rat Badge:

  • Reach Level 40 rep in a Season.
  • Win an NBA Championship in MyCAREER.

How do you get gym rat badge on 2K21 Next Gen Reddit?

After completing 40 mycareer games. You can just sim to playoffs and you must win championship to get gym rat. If you are up by 25 or more in playoffs you can also sim out.

How do you use the gym rat badge in 2K22?

NBA 2K22 MyCareer: Gym Rat badge, explained

In Next Gen, one has to grind the Gym Rat Challenge in the Gatorade Training Facility and complete three-star or higher quality workouts 50 times to unlock the Gym Rat badge.