How far should legs be apart for squats?

How wide should my legs be when squatting?

For folks with longer limbs, a wider stance may be ideal, but that most people find their ideal stance is somewhere between shoulder and hip width apart. Same goes for whether or not you point your toes outward or keep them pointing straight—it’s highly dependent on the individual’s hip anatomy.

How far apart should front squats be?

Front Squat Foot Position

Start with your feet between hip- and shoulder-width apart with your toes pointed slightly outwards at about 10-15 degrees. Try this position and you can then adjust to a narrower or stance wider depending on what feels good. There’s not a single correct stance.

Can you do squats on the balls of your feet?

You simply perform a regular body weight squat, but once you are in a standing position, shift your weight up on the balls of your feet to execute a calf raise. Slowly lower your heels back to the floor and then initiate your squat descent.

Why can’t I squat with my feet close?

If you lack ankle mobility/calf flexibility, then flaring your toes can be a quick hack to lessening the angle that your ankle needs to go through while squatting, and thus, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Everyone should squat with a slight flare in their toes. In other words, slightly pointing your toes outward.

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Why can’t I do front squats?

While shoulder and wrist mobility is usually blamed, thoracic spine mobility is often the underlying culprit for difficulty holding the front squat bar. … A lack of wrist, shoulder and/or thoracic mobility will ultimately compromise your bar placement and put you at risk of losing control of the barbell.