Question: Who is the best gym trainer in India?

Who is India’s No 1 trainer?

Mehul Kuwadia (India’s No 1 Trainer’s Trainer)

Who is the best online trainer in India?

Here are the top 12 fitness trainers from around India.

  • JC Fitness – Jogee Chauhan. …
  • We R Stupid – Akshay Chopra. …
  • Deepika Mehta. …
  • Crunches And Curves – Pravin Singh. …
  • Body Image – Yasmin Karachiwala. …
  • Shivangi Bhatnagar. …
  • Body Sculptor – Prashant Sawant. …
  • Fitness For World – Mayur Deshpande.

Who is Hrithik Roshan gym trainer?

Hrithik Roshan’s trainer Kris Gethin had mentioned that he is proud of Hrithik Roshan’s physique as it was difficult for the actor to focus on his workouts due to his injuries.

What is the fees of Sahil Khan gym?

☆ 7 days 7 different group activities. ☆ 365 days open. ☆ Pre inaugural offer – Rs 9999/ 12 Months – ☆ A dedicated team of one of the best fitness professionals in the industry.

Who is the best fitness Youtuber in India?

Here is the list of the top 10 Indian fitness YouTubers who are inspiring people of all ages groups to make exercise a part of their daily regime.

  • Health And Fitness:
  • Guru Mann Fitness:
  • BeerBiceps:
  • Tarun Gill:
  • FitnessRockers India:
  • FitMuscle TV:
  • Fit Tuber:
  • Abhinav Mahajan:

How do I contact Dhruv fitness?

Contact 9711787715 for home training or home workouts or diet plan online* .

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