Quick Answer: What do you call someone who is addicted to the gym?

What do you call a gym addict?

What is another word for gym addict?

gym rat fitness fanatic
superjock jock
sporty person health conscious person
athlete sport nut
iron person health enthusiast

What is a gym junkie?

Fitness Junkie (noun)– a person who has made working out a part of their daily lives and dedicates all their free time to working out and/or doing physical activities. Have any of your friends told you that you are always in the gym?

What do you call people who workout too much?

What Is Compulsive Exercise? Compulsive exercise (sometimes called exercise addiction) happens when a person is driven to exercise too much.

What is a fitness enthusiast?

Health and fitness enthusiasts are people passionate about fitness and health. They search for exercise and workout tips online. They enjoy activities like jogging or group classes such as yoga and Pilates. These enthusiasts also care about what they eat and see their diet as an essential part of their well-being.

What is a fitness fanatic?

noun. informal. someone who is obsessed with exercise and keeping himself or herself fit.

What do you call a fitness person?

Seriously, the definition of athlete is a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina. We also say, Gym Rat.

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Can you be addicted to the gym?

Exercise addiction is an unhealthy obsession with physical fitness and exercise. It’s often a result of body image disorders and eating disorders. Exercise addicts display traits similar to those of other addicts, which include: obsessing over the behavior.

What is Gymaholic?

#7 You wonder what it’s like to not feel sore: Being a gymaholic means tough workouts are a daily experience that often result in the worst muscle soreness you have ever felt. You have learned effective coping mechanisms for the array of muscle pain you receive.

What Gymer means?

gymers. Either an individual or a group of people attending a gym to improve both general well-being and fitness levels. The gymers were annoyed with the person talking on his mobile during fitness class.

Is over exercise a disorder?

Anorexia athletica is an eating disorder characterized by excessive and compulsive exercising. Most common among athletes, anorexia athletica is a mental illness which gives those suffering from it a sense of having control over their body.