Quick Answer: Who makes Marcy exercise equipment?

Is Marcy a good fitness brand?

Marcy is a great fitness company that started pumping out exercise equipment quite a long time ago and they have never looked back. Their latest line of home gyms brings you state of the art technology, lots of options, great durability, and comfort too.

Where is Marcy gym equipment manufactured?

Marcy Bikes are made in the USA.

What is the difference between Marcy 990 and 1005?

There only difference between the MWM-988, MWM-990, and MWM-1005 is the appearance. Otherwise, the models are virtually the same. Phew, happy to say that is finally settled!

Who owns Impex?

Current board members & directors are DAKSHESH RAJNIKANT SHAH and SONALBEN DAXESHBHAI SHAH . Company is registered in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) Registrar Office. Impex Electronics Private Limited registered address is E 108 GIDC ELECTRONICS ESTATE SECTOR-26 GANDHINAGAR GJ 382022 IN.

Does Marcy pro ship to Canada?

We only ship within the contiguous United States (we do not ship to Mexico, Canada, Europe Hawaii, Alaska, military bases, U.S. Territories / Possessions, etc.)

Can you add more weight to a Marcy home gym?

The weight stack provides up to 150 pounds of resistance. In some instances, the pulleys can be adjusted to increase that resistance even further. For example, the cable for the push press can be adjusted to add another 50 pounds for a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

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Is 150 lb weight stack enough?

Take for example the fact that most home weight machines come standard with a 150 lb weight stack. For most folks, and for most exercises, 150 pounds is plenty of weight. It was pretty uncommon for someone to upgrade to the 200 pound weight stack when I used to sell them.