Should you squat to parallel?

Why are quarter squats bad?

When quarter squads are performed they are mostly working the quadriceps, quarter squats can cause weak, imbalanced gluteus and hamstring muscles which will result in knee injuries and stress added onto them. Therefore squatting deep, breaking parallel on every rep is totally safe for your knees.

Is it bad to squat wide?

But squats are a movement, not a specific muscle developer. … Taking a wider stance than shoulder-width has been shown to provide the same level of quad activation as a traditional “narrow” stance, but squatting wide also provides distinct advantages. A wide stance works a greater number of muscles.

Does squatting ruin your knees?

In fact, as you squat, there’s an increase in shear stress through many of the passive structures of the knee (including your meniscus, cartilage, and patella tendon). … So with this in mind, it’s safe to say that the squatting movement itself is not bad for your knees.

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