You asked: Is workout anytime closing?

Is Workout Anytime open?

We are open 24/7!

Is Workout Anytime and Anytime Fitness the same?

Workout Anytime is the more affordable fitness club, but Anytime offers more benefits, classes and workout programs. Anytime Fitness also has more locations to choose from. If you’re after a simple workout program, Workout Anytime will do, but if you prefer more comprehensive approach, Anytime is better.

Does workout anytime require masks?

Be strongly encouraged to wear masks and gloves at all times whenever provisions are available; Know club capacity restrictions (if any) and how to monitor; and. No employees will share offices or be in enclosed spaces within 6 feet of each other.

Can you go to any workout anytime locations?

Can I work out at any Workout Anytime club location? Yes, one of the best things about a Workout Anytime membership is that you can work out at any of the over 100 clubs across the country, whether you’re traveling for business, on vacation, or just want to try new facilities.

How much do you get paid at workout anytime?

How much does Workout Anytime pay? The average Workout Anytime salary ranges from approximately $59,354 per year for a General Manager to $50,510 per year for a Personal Trainer. The average Workout Anytime hourly pay ranges from approximately $12 per hour for a Sales Associate to $28 per hour for a Personal Trainer.

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Who is the owner of workout anytime?

Entrepreneur Magazine features WORKOUT ANYTIME owner, Rick Hascall – Workout Anytime.

How much is workout anytime per month?

Workout Anytime is one of the most affordable gym chains out there. There are various tiers, but with the Basic plan, you only pay $15/month to get access to a wide range of equipment — without extra amenities like pools that drive up the price.

Is 24 Hour Fitness actually 24 hours?

Many of our locations are open 24 hours a day. To find out when a specific location is open, please use our Club Finder.

Does Workout Anytime give discounts?

The main incentive-based feature called ‘Perx’ also gives WORKOUT ANYTIME members access to discounts at businesses in their local communities wherever there is a location. This program allows users the chance to save money at establishments they shop at every day and “save their way to a free membership.”