Your question: What are 3 exercises for the bicep?

What are 4 exercises for biceps?

4 Biceps Exercises To Sub In For Dumbbell Curls

  • Chin-up.
  • Underhand row.
  • EZ-bar curls.
  • Spider curls.
  • One-arm dumbbell preacher curl.
  • Incline dumbbell curl.
  • Dumbbell concentration curl.
  • Seated Zottman curl.

What are the 6 exercises for biceps?

The 6 Best Exercises to Grow Your Biceps

  1. EZ Bar Curls. Every gym has EZ Curl Bars and for good reason—they put your wrists in a comfortable position when using the bar. …
  2. EZ Bar PReacher Curls. …
  3. Rotating Dumbbell Curls. …
  4. Dumbbell Concentration Curls. …
  5. Rope Cable Curls. …
  6. High Cable Curls.

How many exercises should I do for biceps?

When training the biceps, it is best to select 2-3 movements per cycle that vary in angles (for example reclining incline curls, preacher curls, and standing curls).

Do pushups work bicep?

Although a standard pushup doesn’t target the biceps muscle, changing the position of your hands can make this muscle play a larger role in the movement.

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