What are muscle activation exercises?

What is muscle activation?

Muscle activation is an exercise technique that wakes up the muscles opposite the tight, short muscles. Stretching alone will not even out the body. The weak muscle needs to be strengthened to keep the opposite muscle from getting tight again.

What is activation exercise?

These activation exercises are basic motions that are centered around learning to isolate and engage a particular muscle. Muscle activation movements should be beginner friendly and target a singular muscle so that you can clearly feel it’s engagement.

When should activation exercises be performed?

“Doing an active or dynamic warm up should be done first to get the body moving and the blood pumping,” he says. “Then, after that, the activation exercises can be performed prior to the more intense activity. Studies show that activation exercises should be done within 10-15 minutes of the more intense activity.”

What does a muscle activator do?

A muscle activation therapist will apply pressure to help restore your muscles to full capacity. You may also be given exercises that are targeted to strengthen weak muscles or imbalances.

How do activation exercises work?

They are much more than a quick stretch. Static stretches can increase your flexibility, but activation drills are designed to prepare your nervous system for the exercise you are about to do, and begin activating the muscles you will be using, whilst increasing your range of motion.

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What are dynamic exercises?

Dynamic exercises move your muscles and joints through a large range of motion. These stretches involve continuous movement, which prepares your body for activity. This enhances performance and decreases injury risk by improving blood flow to the muscles.

Why is activating muscles important?

Better activation means better muscle recruitment and quicker strength gains with less chance of injury.

Do you need to activate muscles before lifting?

Muscle activation exercises prior to training, playing sports, and working out is absolutely essential. Oftentimes, we see individuals who become injured because they do not warm up nor cool down properly with exercise. We get it, we know it can be challenging at times to dedicate more time to our workouts.