Frequent question: Can you use any Total Fitness gym?

Can you take a guest to total fitness?

As a member of Total Fitness, you have access to complimentary guest passes. Invite your friends or family to experience a day as a member. Update your personal details and review your membership options.

Do I have to wear a mask in total fitness?

As long as you are practising social distancing, it shouldn’t be necessary to wear a face covering while exercising. … If you are going to be jogging in a highly populated area, it might be advisable to keep a face mask in your pocket and put it on as you pass any crowds of people.

What is a family gym membership?

Family memberships are a way to get your whole family involved in regular physical activity. … Having the entire family involved will help create health lifestyle choices and habits in your kids as well as providing more support for each other.

Does Total Fitness have a cooling off period?

Cancellation and Freezing of membership

If you joined outside of the Club premises you have a 14-day cooling off period to terminate this agreement without giving any reason.

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Is Total Fitness part of Gympass?

Experience what it is like to be a Total Fitness member and enjoy all day access to one of our clubs. See if Total Fitness are right for you completely free of charge.

Can I freeze my Total Fitness membership?

Freezing Your Membership

Members may request to freeze their Membership from a minimum of one month to a maximum of three consecutive calendar months, once per membership year. Memberships can only be frozen for full calendar months.

Is Total Fitness Crewe closing?

A Crewe gym is set to close its doors after almost 20 years. Total Fitness, a national gym chain, informed members that it would be shutting the Macon Way branch next month. The gym group broke the news to its members via email, leaving many in shock.

Has Total Fitness have a data breach?

Total Fitness have confirmed a data breach in which banking information including sort codes and account numbers have been stolen. … Total Fitness has disclosed that members’ names were included with the stolen information.

Will Total Fitness Huddersfield reopen?

A statement reads: “We’ve been proud to serve all of our members here in Huddersfield for 20 years, and so it’s with great sadness that we confirm that Total Fitness Huddersfield will not re-open on 12th April when Government restrictions are lifted.

How old do you have to be to get a membership at Total Fitness?

Age 15 – 17

For an all-encompassing workout access the extensive gym floor (excluding free weights area) and 3 impressive pools or relax and de-stress with a heat treatment.

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Can my 10 year old join the gym?

At 10 years old, kids can take classes without an adult directly supervising. … Kids 13 and up can use the Strength & Cardio space without an adult, but still must make sure to go through an orientation. Gyms- Kids under 10 can use the gyms with a parent.

How much is a membership at the YMCA?

Step 1 – Choose Your Membership Type

MEMBERSHIP Access to all YMCA of Northwest North Carolina branches and programs. Click here for more information, including visiting other YMCAs in North Carolina at no extra charge.
TEEN AND YOUNG ADULT Ages 12 – 24 $49
ADULT Ages 25 – 64 $59