How do you beat Hammerlocke gym leader?

What Pokémon should I use against Raihan?

Recommended Pokemon Against Raihan

Pokemon Lv. Known Moves
Drednaw Lv. 44 ・Rock Tomb ・Counter ・Water Gun ・Jaw Lock
Vanillish Lv. 41 ・Icicle Spear ・Uproar ・Acid Armor ・Mirror Coat
Dugtrio Lv. 43 ・Bulldoze ・Dig ・Astonish ・Sandstorm
Lampent Lv. 44 ・Night Shade ・Shadow Ball ・Will-O-Wisp ・Inferno

Who is the hardest gym leader in sword and shield?

Raihan is by far the toughest Gym Leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Not only is it a double battle but Raihan also utilizes a Sandstorm strategy.

How do you beat the Dragon Gym Leader?

The best strategy for beating this Gym is to bring Pokémon with a wide variety of coverage moves. You will definitely want a strong Ice-type move. Having a good Ground-type move is also valuable in this Gym. Having a Fairy-type that’s immune to Dragon-type moves is helpful as well.

Is Raihan hard to beat?

Raihan’s championship match is difficult. But, his actual gym battle is fairly easy, especially considering how much he is talked up by other characters throughout the game. He focuses on throwing Sandstorm out as quickly as possible, meaning your Pokémon that aren’t Rock, Ground, or Steel will take damage each turn.

How strong is Raihan?

Recommended Level: 46 – 48.

Who is the strongest dragon type gym leader?

Raihan is Sword and Shield’s final Gym Leader, specializing in Dragon types. Being the final stop before the player enters into the Champion Cup, he’s already set up to be a force. Top it off with how dragons are statistically some of the strongest Pokémon, and it’s no wonder he’s a tough fight.

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