Can you go to different pure gyms?

Can I use my friends Puregym code?

No, your PIN is just for you and it is against the rules to share it with anybody else. All entrances are monitored by CCTV, any unusual activity will be flagged and your membership will be cancelled.

Can you share Puregym membership?

In the Members Area click the Profile tab and scroll down to the Bring a Friend option and simply follow the instructions to send your friend a day pass, and enjoy working out together. *This bolt on gives access to the same friend to work out at your home gym for up to 4 times a month.

Can 2 people use the same Puregym membership?

Yes. For a small supplement to your Core membership you’ll be able to gain access to other gyms at the same basic price as your home gym. This will pull up a list of all the different gyms you’ll be able to access. …

Can someone else use my gym code?

Use your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) every time you enter and exit The Gym. … Not share your entrance pod with anyone else or allow access to any other person (we monitor PIN use and it’s easy for us to spot when people do this).


Can you go to the gym group twice a day?

It’s safe to work out twice a day as long as you follow a well-structured program. If you don’t take enough time to rest between workouts, you may end up with an injury. There’s also the chance of getting burned out by working out twice a day.

Can gym membership be shared?

Membership cannot be shared with another individual; friend or family members. Should your friend or family member wish to access the gym, they may do so as a per-entry guest or as a member.

Can you go to the gym with a friend Covid?

You can still exercise in some public places. You can meet up with a friend, family member, or trainer.

How many times can you bring a friend to the gym?

member, you can invite up to 4 friends a month to join you for a gym session. This can be done online in the ‘Bring a friend’ section in the Member Area.

How many pure gyms are there in the UK?

In May 2015, PureGym acquired all gyms from rival UK fitness chain LA Fitness, bringing the total number of gyms across the UK to 141. As of March 2020, PureGym now has 294 gyms with more than one million members, making it the largest operator of gyms across the United Kingdom.

What is multiple gym access the gym?

Multi-gym access – Choose up to 5 gyms at a time to access and change them whenever you want. Bring a friend – Invite up to 4 friends every month for some added fun and support (only the same friend twice each month though)

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