Does not work out meaning?

What does work out mean?

1 : a practice or exercise to test or improve one’s fitness for athletic competition, ability, or performance. 2 : a test of one’s ability, capacity, stamina, or suitability. 3 : an undertaking or plan intended to resolve a problem of indebtedness especially in lieu of bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings.

What’s another word for not working out?

“Larry is currently not working but is actively looking for a job.”

What is another word for not working?

busted inoperative
shot unsound
non-functional non-functioning
out of order broken down
broken-down out of action

How things work out meaning?

This negative or unfortunate situation or set of circumstances will eventually improve or come to a desirable conclusion, even though things may seem hopeless at first.

What do you call working out?

Physical training or exercise. The action or process of calculating or estimating something.

Is working out everyday bad?

As long as you’re not pushing yourself too hard or getting obsessive about it, working out every day is fine. Make sure it’s something you enjoy without being too strict with yourself, especially during times of illness or injury.

What is the meaning of not happening?

That the subjetc of the situation doesn’t want to accept the problem or cause For an example , a bad situation that you wish it would be a dream instead of something real happening in the moment.

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Did everything work out meaning?

everything will work out (all right)

A phrase of comfort in times of stress or uncertainty. I know you’re worried about finding a new job, but everything will work out—I promise. A: “I don’t know how we’re going to fix this.” B: “Don’t worry. Everything will work out all right.”

How is it working out for you meaning?

it means that someone is asking if something is going good for someone. if used in a sarcastic way, you can usually tell by tone and is usually used if the one saying it does not think the other should be doing something, or a reason similar. See a translation.

What didn’t work out for you really worked out for you meaning?

This sentence means that things didn’t happen correctly. I was trying to buy a new car, but things didn’t work out. Things don’t work out because you don’t put too much effort.