How do I adjust the tension on my treadmill belt?

How do you check the tension on a treadmill belt?

There is a conclusive way to see if your treadmill walking belt is too loose or too tight. On the side of the machine, lift up the walking belt as far as you can from the middle of the deck. It should lift up three or four inches. If it lifts up higher than this, it’s too loose.

Why does my treadmill belt keep moving to one side?

If the Running Belt moves to the left, turn the adjusting bolts on the left side 1/4 of a turn clockwise, then turn the right adjustment bolt 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. If the belt does not move, repeat this step until it centers. Refer to image 2. Some treadmills require you to tighten the belt through the case.

What happens if treadmill belt is too loose?

Sluggish Performance

If the treadmill belt is too loose or you have a crooked walking belt, this could affect the performance of the treadmill. A loose belt may require the treadmill motor to work harder to turn the rear roller and front roller to effectively rotate the belt.

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