How do you build your outer bicep?

What is the muscle on the side of your bicep?

That muscle is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the side biceps, but it’s actually a separate muscle called the brachialis. Training this muscle helps make your arms appear bigger and more defined.

How do I tone the outside of my arms?

Start in a lunge position, with your right leg bent and your left leg straight back, heel pressed against the floor. Bend your left arm and then straighten, pressing your left arm straight back along your left side, dumbbell facing the ceiling. Repeat at least 25 times, then switch sides.

What is average bicep size?


Age Average biceps size in inches
20–29 13.3
30–39 13.8
40–49 13.9
50–59 13.5

Which bicep head is the peak?

The biceps are composed of two heads: the outer (long) head and the inner (short) head. The peak is formed by the outer biceps head; therefore, if you want to bring up your biceps peak you need to build up that head.

How do I train my biceps to be short headed?

Our Top Short Head Biceps Exercises

  1. Wide-Grip Barbell Curls. The first exercises isolating the short head are the wide-grip barbell curls. …
  2. EZ Bar Preacher Curl. …
  3. Concentration Curls. …
  4. Spider Curls. …
  5. Reverse Curls. …
  6. Chin-Ups. …
  7. Hammer Curl. …
  8. Rotating Curls.
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Which bicep exercises hit which head?

The biceps has two distinct heads and it’s possible to emphasize one head or the other. Doing barbell curls with a narrower grip will emphasize the long head; wider-grip curls emphasize the short, inner head.