How many push ups is a deck of cards?

How many pushups is Ray Lewis deck of cards?

He also tells the story of the number 52 (13:30). You’ve probably heard the story before, but you may not have heard the reason he did it. “I grabbed this deck of cards, and I flipped a 7. And I started doing seven push-ups.

How many reps are in a deck of workouts?

But it’s important for athletes to be able to repeatedly perform a movement. And it’s a great way to get an extra fat-burning boost, if that’s your goal. A deck of cards workout is best done with one or more partners to split up the number of reps. If you do it on your own, you will perform 104 reps per exercise.

How many push-ups is a joker card?

Any face card is worth 10 push-ups, an ace 25, and a joker 50. That is it. Repeat until you have gone through the deck. In Ray’s NFL days, he went through three decks of cards for each exercise.

How much would Ray Lewis bench?

Lewis has gained 20 pounds of muscle in four years. He can bench-press 435 pounds.

What does Ray Lewis eat?

Lewis is a fish-and-vegetable man who hasn’t touched pork in 12 years and has eaten beef twice during that span. He also doesn’t drink soda or eat bread or sugar — except for scant exceptions. Like his cheat snacks, Twizzlers and Gummy Bears. “To keep living life,” he says.

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How many push-ups did Ray Lewis do?

Every night, he did 1,500 push-ups and 500 sit-ups in his cell to get ready for this season. The panther engraved the length of Lewis’ left biceps, its long claws colored blood red, attested to that dedication.

How long should a deck of cards workout last?

Now that you’re ready to go, you need to decide how long you’re going to exercise. It’s a good idea to do each series of four exercises for at least 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to exercise longer, give yourself a brief water break, switch up your exercises, and continue.