Your question: What can I use if I don’t have a pull up bar?

Is a pull up bar necessary?

Pull-up bar training is essential for the simple reason that gravity only works in one direction. If all you do for your upper body is push-ups and other floor work, you may develop a muscular imbalance, which can lead to poor posture, shoulder pain or worse.

Can you build lats without pull ups?

The good news is that you can get a perfectly good back workout without doing any of them. Despite CrossFit’s obsession with pullups, there are plenty of other move that you can and should do to build the wide lats and the thick middle back that stands out in a T-shirt — especially if you work a desk job.

How can I work my lats without equipment?

1. Reverse Snow Angels. How to: Position yourself facedown on the ground with arms at your sides and palms facing down. Peel your shoulders and hands a few inches off the ground by pinching your scapulae together and engaging your lats and rhomboids in your mid-back (a).

Is a door pull up bar safe?

These home exercise “as seen on TV” devices are potentially dangerous. Their key selling point – that they can instantly turn any doorway into a home gym – is also a potential flaw. Under certain circumstances these pull-up bars can dislodge from the door frame, sending you crashing to the floor.

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